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Our Services

  • Load development

  • Precision rifle ammunition

  • Complete rifle system

  • Reloading consulting

  • Hydro formed brass

Load Development

  • By sending your rifle to us we do the work to truly customize your system and optimize your rifle's abilities. Once completed you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the best out of your systems performance. Tuned to perfection. 

  • You have the option of choosing your components  or we can help guide you to success with our extensive experience and live data. With our hybrid load development program we will gather your needs and desired results and find the perfect load for your system.  

  • Load development: $350.00 + Supplies

  • Premium load development: $800 

    • 75-100 rounds fired to ensure barrel is broke in + 50 rounds of finished ammunition​

Complete Rifle System

  • Builds begin with you! What are your desired results/expectations? What is your primary use? Ideas you have? Past experiences? A true custom rifle is unlike anything most people have ever owned, when done right they shoot and handle as one. We use top of the line action, barrels, stock/chassis, and optics. We are dealers for many product lines featuring Impact, Zeiss, and Iota.

  • The action is a backbone that ties the whole system together. This choice is key to build a robust, precise, & reliable action that functions in all conditions… Our 1st choice at JPRW is Impact… Simply the best.   

  • Barrels are the vessel to deliver your projectiles down range and we have multiple options to help find the right solution! We have had great success with both steel and carbon fiber so your expectations are key to selection.

  • Stocks and Chassis are the interface between the shooter and the barreled action.  This makes the selection key to comfort and recoil management. We will guide you to the best fit for your application.. Key selections of Foundation, MDT, McMillian, and IOTA are the most popular.

  • Optics are the final piece of the puzzle and likely the most personal choice in the whole system. We have access to a wide range of optics to fit all price points! We highly recommend the Theta and Zeiss.

Reloading Consulting

  • Are you new to reloading or would you like to advance your reloading? JPRW will sit down and develop a personalized plan for you. Take the load development round recipe home and we will duplicate it for you!

Introduction To Reloading

  • $250.00 per person 

  • Materials are provided 

  • *A 50% non-refundable deposit is due within five days of scheduling a class* 

This course is intended for the beginning reloader. I will cover the basics of equipment and tools needed to create match grade ammunition. Students receive a true hands on experience while learning at their provided loading station. By the end of this course, students will be able to confidently and safely make educated decisions when creating their own ammunition. Disclosure: I will demonstrate methods using common bottleneck rifle cartridges. 

*If you would like to learn how to load one of your specific rifles, then please bring: 1lb of recommended powder, appropriate primers, brass, bullets, and cartridge specific dies. If you would like help with choosing these materials, feel free to give me a call and I'll provide recommendations. 


Advanced Reloading

  • $250.00 per person 

  • Materials are provided 

  • *A 50% non-refundable deposit is due within five days of scheduling a class* 

This course is an extension of the introduction to reloading class. Advanced reloading will expand on the basics of reloading by adding components and methods such as: 

  • Chamber measuring for trim length and seating depth

  • Methods for finding your best reload (optimal charge weight and optimal barrel time)

  • Annealing cartridges to achieve consistent neck tension and case longevity by using basic materials/techniques

  • Using match grade dies to allow for custom neck tension (selecting the correct bushings)

Precision Rifle Ammunition

  • Brass & Primers – We match up the right combination of brass with the powder and primers to get the most out your system, your specific use helps guide on this decision

  • Bullets – Whether you're impacting steel or in pursuit of your favorite game bullet, selection can make a big difference in your success.  We will help you find the right solution to your desired result

  • Powder – We select powders that have the best burn rate and temperature sensitivity for any given cartridge and purpose. By utilizing the JPRW ladder test we will settle on a powder that takes advantage of speed nodes to help with consistent burn and velocity.  We will provide charts that give you the data for your specific barrel.  

  • Process – Once velocity node is found we then will find your barrel's desired seating depth to optimize accuracy over the life of the barrel.  We provide data to walk you through this process if desired. We fire 40-60 rounds to gather all the above data to continue to unlock the puzzle of your system to get it tuned to perfection! Along the way we will take detailed measurements as we go so we are able to replicate the ideal cartridge solution for you every single time.

Hydro Formed Brass 

  • JPRW has completed testing on multiple brass types over the last few weeks and one thing became clear... there are more Dasher alternatives than ever! We have been working on JPRW Hydro Brass in Lapua and we love the results of the system. We intend to keep formed brass in stock.

  • Fee is  $160/per 100 for JPRW Lapua brass + shipping. 

  • $50/per 100 + shipping with your brass.

  • 200 minimum order.


Contact us for more pricing. Credit/Debit are accepted. 

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