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Based in Elmwood, Nebraska- JPRW was founded around the concept that to have a rifle system perform at it's peak you have to have a complete system. A complete system includes:

Rifle> Chamber> Shooter> Ammo. All must work in harmony to be great.

A perfectly built custom rifle that is fed factory created ammo may shoot nicely, but will likely never be great. Reload developers have known this for years and can take advantage of the opportunity to develop loads that shoot in complete harmony with the system.  


JPRW works to provide the right customized build, solid load development, and meticulous precision all with industry leading equipment to get you on the leading edge. We truly believe we find a 1/4 MOA for any system. 


We have a 4 seasons range where we work on load development and shooting tactics all while never leaving the reloading room. This gives us freedom to test, test, and test some more to get it right for you and your system.  We track and catalogue data to ensure that when you re-order we can duplicate your ammo time and time again. 



To optimize your rifle systems to reach maximum performance. 


JPRW is committed to becoming a leader in the weapons industry. Along with putting power and precision at your fingertips, we take pride in taking our time to personalize every aspect of your rifle system. 

Shooting Practice
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